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Azooka LifeSciences

Azooka Life Sciences is a Speciality Fluorescent dye company, a unique start-up with a new class of Safe Nucleic Acid Stains and Speciality Fluorescent Stains for Genomics Research and Molecular Diagnostics. Azooka Life sciences offers scientists working on the forefront of research with safe, sensitive, and fast dyes spanning across in vitro te​sts, in situ, and ​in vivo imaging.

Azooka’s first product to market is tinto rang, a Minor Groove Binding Nucleic Acid stain that aims to replace bio-hazardous dyes such as Ethidium Bromide and SYBR group of dyes from  Academic institutions, Biological Research Labs, NAT based Molecular Diagnostics kits , and Point-Of-Care terminals. tinto rang is India’s first reported Nucleic Acid stain and World’s only reported Food Grade DNA and RNA stain.

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Dr. Fathima Benazir

Co-founder & CEO

Alex D Paul

Co-founder & President