Call For Proposals

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Society for Innovation and Development (SID) – Indian Institute of Science (IISc) – NLCIL Innovation-Incubation Center is a collaborative initiative by SID, IISc, Bangalore and Centre for Applied Research and Development (CARD), NLC India Ltd to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the country by supporting research in manufacturing, transport, energy, health, education, agriculture, water and sanitation etc. for the benefit of the Nation and its people.

This innovation incubation center invites proposals addressing challenges related to Energy, Environment and Sustainability.

1. Development of Iron, Calcium, Sodium storage air battery

2. Low-cost carbon capture system, desulphurization, air purification

3. Green energy/Hydrogen/ammonia production from any sources/waste Hydrogen capture

4. Low cost smart solar irrigation/health/safety system

5. Self-charging Solar based EV development

6. Development of Catalysts/binders using ash material

7. Utilization of low grade iron slag to value added products

8. Development of value added silica products

9. Production of high strength aggregates as alternate to filter material from Clay (OB of Mines)

10. Concentrating liquids using solar energy to convert into solid state


The proposal should only be in the key areas as defined above.

1. Any innovators/individuals from public (Citizen of India) as per the eligibility criteria having a registered entity can participate in the Innovation Incubation activity leading to start-up.
2. Any innovators/individuals from Government/CPSE/Institutions/Research centers/Approved incubation centers with NOC. In addition, projects initiated by one or more members of the academic staff/students and alumni of IISc with a view to trying out a novel technological idea for up-gradation to a commercial proposition, scaling up a laboratory concept into prototype, and setting up a technology business enterprise.
3. MSME / Existing Startup entities having turnover less than 5 crores and less than 3 years of existence and having innovation aspiration/having innovative concepts with a view to trying out a novel technological idea for up-gradation to a commercial proposition, scaling up a laboratory concept into prototype and setting up a technology business enterprise.
4. Any innovators from private organizations/Industry/Institution/research & services/marketing having registered in India with the eligibility criteria can also participate in the IIC activity. The person has to obtain NoC from the Institution/organization and should have a minimum fund contribution of not less than 25% on the total outlay.
5. Applicant must be a graduate/postgraduate/PhD in science/ Engineering/Technology. New Innovators/Incubates/New Startups should have minimum 3 to 5 members, with the age limit below 35 years, as a group associated with an entity.

In addition to above Eligibility Criteria, the entity/innovators should not have been blacklisted by any Government Entity or any Incubation Centre. The Promoter(s) shall not have any criminal case pending in any Court of Law in India.


Evaluation will be based on the following factors, though not limited only to

a. Existing Original Solution / IP / Capability of the entity in the related areas
b. Fitment of the proposed solution to the themes listed
c. Team credentials and Execution strength
d. Financial strength including cost Effectiveness of innovation
e. Global / Indian recognition of repute
f. Any customer implementations and references will help significantly

Please send the filled request form for application to on or before 31st March, 2022, 11.59 pm. Exemptions on the conditions may be considered by the committee based on the merit.