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Grasp Bionics

We are makers of Bionic devices based out of Bangalore, India. With a Vision to drive in positive change in the lives of people by providing appropriate and affordable solutions to give the user a life-changing experience.

Our Product PURAK is wearable prosthetic arm with technology which enables the user

i. To apply variable force on the object being held

ii. To get to feel how hard the object is being held

iii. To control the prosthetic hand intuitively through its Control band

PURAK uses myo-mechanical based sensor for capturing the user’s intention to operate the hand. The intuitive mode of control makes it quicker for the user to learn and control the prosthesis. Our test results have proven that all the users start using the device within 20 min from the device introduction.

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Vinay V

Co-Founder & Director

Nilesh Walke

Co-Founder & Director