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Bellatrix Aerospace Pvt Ltd

Bellatrix Aerospace is a R&D company specialising in the developmentof In-space propulsion systems and Orbital Launch vehicles. The company offers turnkey propulsion systems to cater to the requirement of various classes of satellites. Today, there is a revolution in space that is witnessing an unprecedented demand for satellites, spurred by the development of mega constellations in space and emerging services. Presently, Bellatrix is the first startup in India to be awarded a developmental contract by ISRO towards satellite propulsion technology. The technology on offer by Bellatrix qualifies and scales up to the requirements of the global space industry. For its work on patented electric propulsion technologies, Bellatrix received TDB National Award from the Hon’ble President of India in 2017. The company recently raised a Pre-Series A round of $3 M from multiple investors towards the development and qualification of satellite propulsion technologies.

Bellatrix being a space-hardware company has a unique requirement for having its own propulsion research test facility with multiple ancillaries. SID was highly supportive in understanding this requirement and providing a lab space of 2000 square feet to setup a state-of-the-art Space Propulsion Laboratory. In addition to the this, other paraphernalia such as power and water utilities was provided by IISc at no additional charge. The able mentoring provided by the faculty of the entrepreneurship cell aided the company in taking key business decisions and in completing the $3 Million fund raise. Being incubated in the IISc, the company was able to easily work various department and laboratories in the campus and get support for faculty and facilities for its developmental efforts. The initial seed funding provided by SID also helped the company to set up base and start operations.

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Rohan M Ganapathy

Founder & CEO


Yashas Karanam

Founder & Director