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Lab to Market Pvt Ltd

Our IISc Startup is imagining to make RAILWAYS totally SAFE and ensure NO ACCIDENTS occur by innovating / developing Cyber Physical Systems for Railways.

Today systems are not there to apply brakes to the train automatically if there is an unhealthy flat wheel, unhealthy spring, unhealthy hot axle, fire in the coach or rail fracture etc.

Even latest metros do not have these systems.

Knowing rail weld failure / unhealthy flat wheel is not sufficient and trains have to be stopped.

Cyber Physical Systems can make RAILWAYS, totally SAFE.

First step is to identify the condition of all safety critical assets(stationary and moving) and second step is to warn / act to stop the train

Serial Entrepreneur & Railway Domain expert, S Rao Ganapa / Ex IRSSE (Indian Railway Services) and Academician & Technology expert, Prof SK Sinha / IISc have come together and founded lab to market innovations private limited to make RAIL TRAVEL SAFE and EFFICIENT Our experience with SID / IISc is excellent and SID has given the access to IISc faculty and facilities. We are also given monetary (direct funding and others) support of Rs 100 Lacs (approximately)

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Prof S K Sinha

Founder And Chairman


Sreenivasa Rao Ganapa

Founder And Managing Director

Dr. Dinesh K. Anvekar