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General Aeronautics Pvt Ltd

General Aeronautics Pvt Ltd (GA) is UAV and aircraft design and development company with 400+man years of experience in aerial vehicle design and development. GA is developing drone-based solutions for societal and security applications. GA’s offering in agriculture includes highly efficient(>40x) spray solution using drone at a cost lower than present manual process and AI based precision agriculture solution. Medical solution includes delivering life-saving medical kit to the accident victims in the event of highway accidents. GA’s offering also includes surveillance drone capable of carrying up to 3 kg payload in small form-factor and niche aircraft design services. GA has the design approval from CEMILAC and is a DSIR recognised R&D. Please visit website for more details on GA’s offerings..

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Dr. Kota Harinarayana

Founder Chairman


Mr. Abhishek Burman

Founder Director & CEO


Dr. Ramaseshan Satagopan

Director & COO


Dr. Anutosh Moitra

Director & COO


Air Cmde PK Choudhary VSM (Retd.)

Founder Director