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Direct Electric

Direct Electric Pvt Ltd indigenously develops Electric Vehicle (EV).chargers with state of the art innovative technology. Our smart chargers configure themselves to various voltage and current requirements of battery packs in the EVs. This unique feature eliminates the need for distinct battery chargers for different EVs.

With our technology, we can cater to various needs of the EV charging segment such as On-board/Off-board chargers Two/Three/Four-wheeler EV chargers, chargers with power rating ranging from few 100s of watts to 10s of kilo watts, etc. We offer our technology solutions to EV manufacturers and charging network operators.

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Kapil Upamanyu

Founder, CTO


Anil K Adapa,

Founder, Director & CEO

Dr (Maj)Chaitanya Mandela

Founder, Director & COO

Giridhar Raju

Founder, CMO