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PathShodh Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is a medical device research and development company incubated at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. Driven by a social mission of making healthcare diagnosis affordable and available to all, the company is built on a very strong foundation of innovative research conducted at the Centre for Nano Science and Engineering, IISc. Our motto is to translate the knowledge generated from deep science and cutting edge technology into revolutionary products. PathShodh’s first set of products will leverage the bio-sensing technology for point-of-care devices aimed at providing ease-of-diagnosis and better management of chronic diseases thease product will enable the healthcare professionals to achieve significantly better outcome. PathShodh has introduced first of its kind handheld device with the capability to measure multiple bio-markers specifically targeting Diabetes and its complications, Kidney disease, Anemia and Liver related ailments. The company intends to deliver its innovative diagnostic technologies and products to medical professional, medical institutions and channel partners worldwide.

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Dr. Navakanta Bhat

Promoter, Chairman-Board of Directors


Dr. Vinay Kumar

Director and CEO

Gautam Sharma

Director and VP Business Development