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ShanMukha Innovations

Established in July 2016, Shanmukha Innovations is developing the “swiss army knife” of clinical diagnostics to serve the healthcare needs of 4 billion people on this planet. Led by a faculty entrepreneur (Dr. Sai Siva Gorthi) at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), it is incubated at Society for Innovations and Development (SID). Three main diagnostic platforms under development are – cytology, molecular diagnostics and biochemistry. Portable lab prototypes for these platforms have been developed and are at different stages of readiness. Our cytology platform is undergoing clinical tests for Malaria and Sickle-cell Anemia screening. The molecular diagnostics platform has been tested with 100+ samples of Leishmaniasis with tests planned for Malaria, Dengnue, TB & HCV. Biochemistry platform has been tested with small number of samples for creatinine and lipid profile tests. For more details, visit our website.
Our Mission is to develop novel Optofluidic (synergistic combination of Optics and Microfluidics) Technologies, Instruments, and Products

For more details, visit our website

Dr. Sai Siva Gorti

Founder Director

Arun B